Lawrence H. Woodward, Jr.

Experienced Virginia Beach Attorney

Lawrence H. Woodward, Jr. has an exceptionally diverse and successful law practice. He has been successful in obtaining multi-million dollar jury verdicts for individuals injured by negligence and medical malpractice. He has also secured acquittals from juries in criminal cases for individuals charged with criminal offenses ranging from murder, fraud, conspiracy and drug offenses.

Mr. Woodward has an extremely busy civil and criminal practice in all state and federal courts. His litigation practice includes successfully representing high-profile individuals in various civil and criminal cases that have garnered national attention. In addition to his litigation practice, Mr. Woodward has negotiated numerous endorsement and team contracts valued at hundreds of millions of dollars for NFL and NBA players. Mr. Woodward also represents numerous businesses in Virginia in their litigation and contract matters. He is frequently called upon by companies and individuals nationwide to represent their interests in Virginia.

Mr. Woodward is married with two children and resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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