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Virginia Beach Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate projects can be frustrating and costly. When it’s time to move forward with your real estate project, it’s important to have an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side. We can handle the permits, negotiations, and any other legal aspect of a real estate project. We’ve helped clients move forward on every type of real estate project. Let us help you.

Based in Virginia Beach, we serve real estate clients in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake and throughout the Tidewater region. At Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward, P.C. we have the knowledge and resources you need on your side. We can handle all real estate purchases and projects from first-time homebuyers to large-scale commercial and industrial projects. Our experienced lawyers will work with you to take your project from vision to completion.

If you’re starting a real estate project, wrapping one up, or anywhere in between, contact us today.

Why You Need an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

An experienced real estate lawyer will help protect against slowdowns and hidden costs.

Many people don’t realize what goes into buying real estate or developing a real estate project. Brokers, title, financing, closing, permits, construction contracts, premise insurance – the list goes on and on. At every stage, there can be delays, hidden liabilities, and negligence. There are many moving pieces in a real estate purchase or project. If even one is out of place, financing can fall apart, and construction costs can soar.

An experienced lawyer can help you identify the key risks and opportunities in your project. At Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward, P.C., we’ve helped clients avoid the traps in real estate purchase and development for over 30 years. Our experienced lawyers can give you the knowledge and insight that your real estate project needs to succeed.  Contact us now to get started.

How Our Real Estate Lawyers Can Help You

Real Estate

A lawyer can help real estate purchases and sales go smoothly.

Real estate deals can be an expensive and time-consuming business, particularly in complex commercial transactions. When you’re looking to buy or sell, knowledge of the local market is critical. We’ve negotiated contracts throughout the Virginia Beach area. We know what it takes to make a transaction go smoothly.

A lawyer can help get the permits and zoning your project needs.

Permits and zoning can delay a project or stop it all together. When you’re buying, selling, or developing a project, it’s essential to understand what permits you need and what zoning restrictions there may be on your real estate. A lawyer can provide the deep knowledge of local government and the legal counsel a complex project needs.

Sale and leasing contracts can leave you exposed.

An experienced lawyer knows how to review and revise real estate contracts. In complex transactions there can be issues such as faulty titles, zoning problems, hidden liabilities, and fees buried in the language. A real estate lawyer can help you avoid these liability traps by giving a clear and concise overview of the terms.

A lawyer can help you understand the risks.

Real estate acquisition and development can be extraordinarily expensive. At every step of the process there will be multiple detailed documents that need to be in place. If that weren’t enough, local laws and state regulations can change and leave you stranded. If you’re purchasing or developing land, you need to know which way the winds are blowing. An experienced lawyer will review the transaction, and the law, to help protect you.

A lawyer can give you the planning and advice you need.

We’ve represented private buyers, businesses, investors, and others in real estate transactions. No matter who you are, or what your project is, there will be many complex documents and regulations involved. An experienced lawyer can help you manage your transaction and give you the honest, knowledgeable advice your project needs to succeed.

Property taxes can make or break a project.

A lawyer can help you see changes coming down the line and can help you fight if needed. If you’re facing an increased tax bill, an experienced lawyer can work with you and appraisers to get a realistic evaluation of your real estate and reduce your tax burden. If the taxes are unfair, a lawyer can file a protest and work with local authorities to resolve the issue. If that isn’t enough, a lawyer can build your case and appeal.

A real estate purchase or project can be risky. An experienced lawyer will help you stay safe.

If you’re considering a real estate project or purchase contact us today and put our experience to use.

Types of Real Estate Cases We Handle in Virginia Beach

Acquisition of real estate. It takes time to find the right piece of real estate, and it takes to time to acquire it. When you’re purchasing real estate, it’s important to make sure you’re protected in case something goes wrong. Our lawyers will work for you. We’ll draft and review the contracts your acquisition needs.

Real estate settlements and closing. Closing on a piece of real estate can involve many moving pieces. Financing, title, deed, insurance policies, and many other documents may be involved. Our real estate lawyers have handled many successful real estate transactions and we know what it takes to ensure a smooth and successful closing.

Leasing. Our lawyers have handled all types of leases and we understand the unique challenges they can present. Some leases are simple and can be handled quickly. Others may take negotiation and consultation with clients. Over the decades we’ve handled everything from short-term rentals to long-term property leases. When you’re negotiating a lease, our lawyers will work with you to protect your rights and your interests.

Negotiation and drafting of contracts. A contract can leave you exposed to a seller’s negligence, problems in the title, construction errors, and hidden costs. When you’re involved in real estate, it’s easy to miss the hidden liabilities and costs that can come along with a project. Our experienced real estate lawyers can negotiate and draft contracts that work for your purchase or project needs.

Permits and restrictions. Easements, zoning restrictions, restrictive covenants, environmental compliance, and many other restrictions may apply to your real estate. Our experienced lawyers know how to analyze your situation. We’ll work with sellers, government authorities, and neighbors to get you and your project the signoffs it needs.

Due diligence. Details matter when you’re acquiring or developing real estate. We can help you ensure all the documents you need are accurate and in place. We’ll review all aspects of the deal and make sure documents are on point: title, financing, development plans, construction contracts, permits, and many others. The success of your purchase or project depends on accurate documents. Don’t leave them up to chance.

Assistance with foreclosures. Foreclosures can be a painful experience for both lenders and homeowners. It’s easy to get the process wrong and leave everyone worse off. If you’re a homeowner fighting a foreclosure or a lender involved with a foreclosure action, our experienced lawyers can help.

Resolution of disputes. Sometimes purchases, projects, and leases can go wrong. Perhaps there are misunderstandings that can be resolved through negotiation. Perhaps there are more serious problems that will require a lawsuit. We have decades of experience working with clients to resolve their disputes. Whether it’s working with the other side or litigating a case in court, we’re up to the task.

Our dedicated attorneys can manage all the legal aspects of your real estate project, including handling permits and tough negotiations.

Decades of Experience Working for Clients Like You

Real estate projects and purchases are complex and involved. If you’re at any stage of real estate purchase or development, we can help you. Based in Virginia Beach and serving clients throughout Tidewater, Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward, P.C. has represented clients of all types in commercial, industrial, and residential real estate projects for over 30 years. We understand the challenges and risks involved. We’ve handled sales, closings, leases, dispute resolution, and every other aspect of real estate acquisition and development.

Our experienced lawyers know to take your real estate project from vision to completion. Our lawyers know how to manage the risks in real estate, and they know how to represent clients with the strength and knowledge they need. Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward, P.C. has decades of handling real estate projects. Throughout that time, we’ve helped our clients minimize risk and reap the rewards that real estate has to offer.

Don’t leave yourself open to risk and liability. If you’re starting a real estate project, wrapping one up, or anywhere in between, contact us today.