Interstate 64 and 264 Improvement Updates

People in Virginia who drive in the Hampton Roads area, you are likely familiar with the ongoing construction on Interstate 64 and Interstate 264. Construction to improve these highways began in November 2016, but the Virginia Department of Transportation estimates that construction on I-64 and I-264 won’t be completed until late 2020.

Although a four-year span of construction on crucial highways can be frustrating, this project offers many improvements that should eventually make the commute faster and safer.

What Is the Problem?

I-64 and I-264 are high-traffic routes that have often have congestion and slow-moving traffic, especially during peak travel times.

The construction project will expand the roads to provide more space for traffic, as well as additional corridor space to increase safety in the event of an accident. To meet these goals, the project has two phases of expansion.

What Has Been Done?

Phase one construction improvements include widening I-64 west, adding two ramps between I-64 and I-264, and improving collector-distributor roads on I-264.

Phase two of construction will focus on improving road crossings, called interchanges, as well as building a flyover to connect I-264 with Cleveland Street. In total, this construction will provide around four miles of improved roads, to manage traffic and road safety concerns.

Although construction is still happening on highways 64 and 264, contractors have made significant progress.

Phase one of the project is complete, and work on the flyover, as a part of phase 2, was recently completed on September 19, 2019.

What Needs to Be Done?

Despite all of the work that has been performed since 2016, the project is still not finished. Many drivers may still experience delays or increased road hazards as a result of construction.

To minimize traffic disruptions, construction on I-64 and I-264 is taking place primarily during hours with low traffic. The majority of the construction work occurs at night, between the hours of 9pm and 5am. Even though traffic is not heavy during these times, it is important to be aware of road closures during construction.

According to a November report on traffic patterns, you can expect a one-lane closure on the Hampton bridge, various lane closures on I-64, and multiple-lane or complete closure on I-264.

Why Accidents Happen Near Road Construction

Lane closures on highways can have a serious impact on your commute. However, closures and general construction can also create many different safety risks while you are driving on or around these roads.

If you are driving in construction areas on I-64 or I-264, be aware of:

  • Unclear or inadequate roadwork signage to indicate changes on the road
  • Confusing lane markings
  • Insufficient safety barriers or guardrails
  • Unmarked hazards on the road
  • Construction debris on or around the road

These are all common problems associated with roads under construction. If construction companies do not make the appropriate efforts to clean roads, add signs, and notify citizens about road changes, there may be serious consequences for drivers. Motorists also play a role in construction zone safety. They should slow down, stay alert, and not tailgate in work zones.

How Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert & Woodward, P.C. Can Help

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident because of construction on I-64 or I-264, you may be able to receive compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered, damage to your property, and other losses you’ve incurred.

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