Holiday Road Trip? 5 Apps to Keep Kids Entertained And Everybody Safe

The holidays are fast approaching. For millions of Americans, that means piling into the car for a family road trip. It also means that streets and highways will be crammed with other motorists.

Drivers need to be especially observant in holiday traffic, but traveling with children can make that difficult. Sibling squabbling and the inevitable “Are we there yet?” can distract even the most responsible drivers.

Check out these five free phone apps for kids that can keep car chaos at a minimum during the holiday season:

  1. PBS Kids Games App (iOS, Android) ― This app gives you access to 90 learning games using characters from popular PBS kids shows, including Daniel Tiger, Nature Cat, Dinosaur Train, Wild Kratts, Super Why and Odd Squad, including others. Geared for children ages 2-8, the games are easy to play and provide kids with fun lessons in science, math, language, cooperation and creativity.
  2. Flow Free (iOS, Android) — This colorful puzzle game allows kids 8 and up to build increasingly complicated puzzles by connecting matching colored dots together with the swipe of a finger. Flow Free has hundreds of levels and can be played in a relaxed mode or in timed gameplay for older kids who want a competitive challenge. There is also an option to post scores on social media if you choose.
  3. Travel Bingo for Kids (iOS) ― The classic car bingo game for all Apple devices. This app provides a variety of game boards for bingo on the road, in town and on a plane. Customizable boards allow kids to search for specific items such as traffic signs, restaurants, license plates, gas stations and popular vehicle brands.
  4. Toontastic 3D (iOS, Android) — This storytelling app allows kids to choose a scene or characters (or design their own) to create their own animated stories. Your child can record and narrate the story, which can be stored on the device as a 3D video.
  5. Kids Doodle Color and Draw (iOS, Android) — Sometimes doodling is all that kids need to stay occupied for hours in the car. This app provides 24 brushes that allow kids to draw their own pictures in styles such as neon, glow, fireworks, rainbow, spray and crayon. They can save their creations on the device. There is also a video playback mode that animates their process of creating the doodle.

If you need a way to avoid distracted driving, downloading fun and educational apps may be what you need to keep your eyes and ears on the roads.

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