Car Accident With a Rental Car

It is common for people to rent cars while on vacation or while their personal vehicle is out of service, but they never expect to be involved in an accident. When a person is involved in a crash while driving a rental vehicle, the claims process is similar to an ordinary crash, but the rental agreement could dictate the insurance that is involved.

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Not-At-Fault Versus At-Fault Rental Car Accidents in Virginia

Financial responsibility for damages in rental car accidents often depends on whether a person purchased additional insurance coverage offered by the rental company. When a person has no additional coverage, then their own automobile insurance policy may provide coverage.

The policy may depend on whether first-party coverage is provided, and fault could impact reimbursement in some cases. When a person purchases additional coverage from a rental company, the type of coverage purchased will dictate how much damage the policy will pay for.

Some additional coverages purchased through third parties only cover damage to the rented vehicle, but not to other vehicles. In other cases, a person’s automobile insurance policy provides secondary coverage when the limits of the additional insurance coverage are too low.

If the crash was caused by another driver, that driver’s insurance company would be liable for the damages that result from the accident.

Coverage for Injuries in a Rental Car Accident

Additional insurance from rental companies does not usually cover injuries to people. Collision damage waivers apply only to damage to the vehicle, and personal effects coverage only covers personal items such as luggage that may be damaged the accident.

Medical expenses will typically be covered under a personal automobile insurance policy, whether it is that of the rental car driver or another negligent motorist. Deductibles frequently come in to play during most rental car accident claims with insurance companies.

Insurance Issues After a Rental Car Accident in Virginia Beach

Whether you are dealing with the rental company’s insurance carrier, another driver’s insurance company, or your own insurance company after a rental car accident, you should know that insurers are always loyal to their bottom line first and foremost. For this reason, insurance companies look for any possible way to deny claims or otherwise minimize the amounts that they have to pay out.

Some insurance companies will try to close cases by offering victims quick settlements. You should know that an initial settlement offer is likely far short of what you are actually entitled to recover.

If you suffered severe injuries or your loved one was killed in a car crash involving a rented vehicle in Virginia, you need to retain legal counsel right away. An experienced attorney can fight to help you pursue all of the compensation you need and deserve from every available source.

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